Sri Kurumba Trust

We are committed to empower the less privileged sections of the society and to create a better world for everyone. Education for Girls, Women Empowerment, Healthcare, Community Home Project, Well-being of Senior Citizens, & Green Initiatives constitute the trust’s core initiatives.

for Girls

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”
The proverb lies at the core of the trust’s belief that educating the girl child is of utmost importance.



Women are the backbone of the society. Sri Kurumba Trust diligently works towards bringing a positive change to the lives of women from disadvantaged backgrounds. The areas the trust focuses on are Young Mother Rehabilitation, Rural Women Empowerment, Dowry-less Social Wedding, and employment generation.



Ever since inception, SOBHA Healthcare has redefined the limits of primary healthcare institutions anywhere in the country. The facility provides free and quality healthcare to those who cannot afford to pay for their treatments at private hospitals. SOBHA Healthcare caters to the medical requirements of 4500 households and has served 2.5 lakh patients so far.


Home Project

The Community Home Project of the trust plans to build 1,000 houses by 2030, completely free, for lesser privileged families in Palakkad District. The trust was also highly active in providing relief to flood-hit families and assisting them for the reconstruction of their damaged houses.


Well-being of
Senior Citizens

Taking care of the elderly in their golden years is the responsibility of the society. Sri Kurumba Trust runs SOBHA Hermitage – a comfortable home for senior citizens with all necessary amenities, personalised care, and round-the-clock medical facilities. The trust also runs a free community feeding programme.


Green Initiatives

Sri Kurumba Trust is actively engaged in sustainability practices. Its green initiatives in the areas of water recycling, groundwater recharging, solar energy, and waste management are making a huge difference to the land and lives of people in various places of Palakkad district.


Devi Home

To empower women and foster self-reliance, we aim to house 72 orphan girls and 72 elderly women in a unique program, creating a mutually beneficial coexistence across two generations. This integrated living arrangement offers destitute elderly women a comfortable life in a cheerful atmosphere, while providing the girls with the warmth and care akin to that of their own grandmothers.