Where women are strengthened there emerges new hopes and aspirations.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

A society where women thrive in terms of health and education is an ideal society. The Sri Kurumba Trust addresses various issues women face and run several programmes for them.

Under the ‘Young Mother Rehabilitation Programme’, the trust supports young widows and their children to live together in individual self-contained flats. Special arrangements are made for their safety, security, and welfare at absolutely no cost. While all these women are employed at the SOBHA Academy, their children are enrolled there as students. Support is also provided if they want to get remarried. So far, 7 of the 18 young widows have remarried with the support of the trust.

Through the ‘Rural Women Empowerment Programme’ financial support is extended to widowed mothers. So far, 35 widowed mothers from underprivileged backgrounds and their 63 children are covered by the project. They are provided with a basic monthly living allowance, clothing, medical and other personal accessories. Educational expenses of their children are also met by the trust to give them adequate opportunity to come up in life. In addition to this, the trust focuses on increasing employment opportunities for women – 75% of the trust’s employees are women.

The dowry-less social wedding programme is yet another initiative by the trust intends to abolish the practice of dowry. Each year, the trust helps around 40 women to get married. As of 2022, the trust has conducted 667 weddings. Pre-marriage counselling is given to the prospective couple as well as their parents. The newlyweds are provided basic resources to help them begin their married life. In addition to these, the trust monitors the couple periodically and renders help if needed.

Today, the initiative stands as a beacon of hope, particularly for women and children from underprivileged backgrounds, by helping them lead a happy and fulfilling life.